3 people are documented within NC.GUI.10.248.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
James Coots grantor
Alvis Allison Spence grantee
Winney 10 Black ("negro") Female enslaved

Full text transcription

North Carolina Guilford County } Know all men by these presents that I James Coots of the County and State aforesaid do for and in Consideration of the Sum Love and affection I have for my Nephew Alvis Alison Spence Son of James and Polly Spence give unto the Said Alvis Alison Spence a Negro Girl named Winney (whom I have now loaned to Polly Spence Mother of the Said Alvis Alison Spence During her Natural life) at the Decease of his Mother the Said Polly Spence with the Increase of the Said Negro Winney if She Should have any and if it Should Soe happen after my Decease that the Said Negro Winney or any of her Increase Should be Taken out of the possession of the Said Polly Spence that then and in that case I do hereby empower the above Named Alvis Alison Spence or his legal Representative to Claim the Said Negroe or Negroes and put them into the possession of his Mother the Said Polly Spence to remain with her during her Natural life and at her Decease to become the property of him the Said Alvis Alison Spence. In Testimony whareof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty fourth day of March one Thousand Eight hundred and Eleven.

Jenny Delling I James Coots of the County and State afs. (aforesaid) do hereby loan unto my daughter Polly Spence a Negroe girl named Winney about ten years of age yearly and every year from now during the natural life Sd.(Said) Polly Spence for the express purpose of waiting upon her person under the following Restriction (viz) that of contrary to expiration the Said Negro girl should be taken out of the possession of the said Polly Spence under any prudence whatever that then and in that came I do hereby reserve to my self the power to reduce the Said Negro Winney into my own possession for the purpose above mentioned namely to lend to her again to the Said Polly Spence During her Natural life still subject to the above mentioned restriction.