3 people are documented within NC.GUI.10.69.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
John Marvis grantor
James Archer grantee
Jack Black ("negro") Male enslaved

Full text transcription

Know all men by these presents that I John Mavis of the County of Pitsylveny county of Virginia have bargained sold and Delivered one Negrow boy named Jack to James Archer for the Consideration of the sum pounds to me in hand void by James Archer the receipt whereof I hereby acknowledge. I do warrant the said slave to the said James Archer him his heirs executors or assigns forever as witness my hand and seal this 19th of February 1774.

Personally appeared before me the Honorable Francis Lock Esquire one of the judges of the superior court of law and courts of equity in and for the said State Hugh Armstrong and Peter Harriston who being sworn respectively made oath (to wet) Hugh Armstrong that William Armstrong whose signature as witness appears to this Bill of Sale is an inhabitant of the state of Tennesse that he is well acquainted with the hand writing of the said William and believes the signature aforesaid to be in his own the said William's hand writing who he also swears that he is will acquainted with the hand writing of John Marr who signed and sealed this bill of sale and state his signature to the same is his hand writing Peter Haston also swears that he is acquainted with the hand writing of John Marr and that the signature aforesaid to this bill of sale is in the proper hand writing of the said John swore to before one this 18th day of October 1809.