5 people are documented within NC.GUI.11.191.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
William McGee Sr. grantor
William McGee Jr. grantee
Elijah Black ("negro") enslaved
Milly Black ("negro") enslaved
George Black ("negro") enslaved

Full text transcription

This indenture made this seventh day of November in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen between William McGee Sr. of the County of Guilford and State of N. Carolina of the one part planter and William McGee Jr. of the County and State aforesaid (same part) also planter witnesseth that the said William McGee Sr. for and in consideration of the sum love and affection which I bear to and for my beloved son William McGee Jr. together with other meritorious considerations of him received all of which I still consider and retain for son William McGee jr. and bearing in mind before the signing sealing and delivering these presents the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged and hereby exonerated that I the said William Magee senior hath granted by these doth grant and deliver to my aforesaid son William Magee junior his heirs executors administrators or assigns tract price or parcel of land lying being and situate in the county and state aforesaid on the waters of Haw River and Main fork on both sides of Thomasin Road leading from Charles Brewer cross roads to Ebenezer Paterick bounded on the west by Herekiah high fell on the north by Jacob Walker and Levin Caulk East by a tract this day deeded to Barham N. Magee and South by a tract this day deeded to Thomas Magee together with the family house and All the household furniture of every description therein contained kitchen and every thereunto belonging barn stables other out houses and their contents horses and mares of every description all the hogs belonging to the said farm together with each and every article appertaining to the premises whereon I the said William Magee Senior now resides and now for consideration before mentioned I Did seal to and by these presents deliver to the aforesaid William Magee junior a certain negro fellow named Elijah aged about twenty seven years also a negro girl named Milly aged about thirty together with her infant son named George aged about three years with all the said Milley's increase hereafter forever all and every part and species article and articles before mentioned in the within Deed I the within named William Magee senior by these presents doth deliver and further by these presents do bind myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns to deliver warrant and for ever defend the above mentioned premises and All other articles herein before named to the aforesaid William Magee junior his heirs or assigns for ever in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Interchangeably set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year date first above written.

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