3 people are documented within NC.GUI.14.274.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Samuel Fulton grantor
Mary Weatherly grantee
Nancy 5 Black ("negro") Male enslaved

Full text transcription

Know all men by these presents that I Samuel Fulton of the county of Guilford and state of North Carolina for and in consideration of the affection, pure love and good will which I the Sd. Samuel Fulton now have for my beloved daughter Mary Weatherly have given, granted and confirmed and by these presents do freely give grant and confirm unto my daughter Mary a negro girl named Nancy five years old the right and title which the Sd. negro girl I give to my aforesaid daughter Mary to be her real and property for right forever free and clear of any claim or claims whatsoever by me or my heirs or any other person legally or lawfully claiming by, from or under me or any other person and I do hereby utterly revoke, disallow and disanull all and every other deed of gift, bill of sales, wills or requests whatsoever at any time by me willed or bequeathed in witness whereof I the Sd. Samuel Fulton have hereunto set my hand seal this 22nd day of April 1820.