7 people are documented within NC.GUI.15.827.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Joseph Davis trustee of grantor
Abner Hanner trustee of grantor
William Thom trustee of grantor
John Slade grantor
Hetty Slade grantor
Dick 23-24 Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Thornton 19 Black ("negro") Male enslaved

Full text transcription

This indenture made this 28th day of May in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five by and between John Slade and Hetty and his wife both of the county of Guilford and State of North Carolina of the one part and Joseph Davis Abner Hanner William Thom of the County and state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that whereas the sd. John Slade and wife have become guardians unto the following orphan children (towet) Madison Lindsay William Lindsay Anne Linsday Letticia Lindsay and Laurean Lindsay whereas Joseph Davis Abner Hanner William Thom Fetty Clapp and William Causey became their securitees for their faithful performance in sd. Guardianship and the sd. guardians appear aforesaid willing to secure indemnify their said securities above named for the same do pact place and deliver and warrant unto them the following articles and property (towet) one negro fellow dick aged twenty three or four years old one negro fellow Thornton about nineteen years of age one house and lott in the town of Greensboro formerly owned by Robert A. Carson and others and the houses thereon belonging seven or eight acres of land on which the saw mill if built on the waters of stinking quarter one stud horse by the name of Rowlo Two Yourke of Oseen one wagon one cart some cattle and hogs consisting of the stock two plough horses eleven beds and furniture and all the Kitchen furniture also all the household furniture also the right of dower on the mansion house which we lately improved in said county and lands allotted thereunto belonging proved the sd. securities aforesaid should be compelled at any time to pay the whole amount or any part of the amount which shall or may be justly due them or any of them of the estate of their father Samuel Lindsay late of the county aforesaid by suit or any other were therefore this indenture witnesseth that the sd. John Slade and Hetty and his wife in consideration of these presents and for the further consideration of one dollar paid by the sd. Joseph Davis Abner Hanner William Thom unto the sd. John Slade and Hetty and his wife the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge both granted bargained sold and delivered by these hath granted bargained and sold the foregoing mentioned articles and property unto the sd. Joseph Davis Abner Hanner William Thom to their heirs executors administrators and assigns in trust and confidence nevertheless and for the use interest and purpose as before mentioned and no other that is to say that of the above sd. guardians do give and pay unto the said orphans aforesaid as they shall arise at proper ages their full and just demand as the writ of assembly hath provided for orphans children and procured that the sd. John Slade and Hette and his wife failing as aforesaid in the previous that the sd. Joseph Davis Abner Hanner William Thom after advertising the time and place of sale for ten days at the court house of sd. County to proceed to sell to the highest bidder for ready money the aforesaid bargained property and premises with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging and in the first place to pay all satisfy all reasonable cash and charges attending the same in witness whereof the sd. John Slade and Hetty his wife hereunto set our hands and seal the day and year within.

William Lindsay came into open court and prove the handwriting of John Slade and Hetty Slade whose signatures appear to the execution of the within instrument of writing William Armfield prove the signature of John Slade on motion to be ordered and registered. Test John Hanner CCC