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Runaways, MOSES, NAT & HARRIS. FIFTY DOLLARS Reward for Moses, TWENTY-FIVE Dollars each for Nat and Harris. Said negroes ran away about the 15th instant, and are supposed to be lurking in Occoniechy[sic] Neck. Moses has a wife at Wm. [William] Long's plantation in Northampton county, four or five miles from Halifax town. I am somewhat of opinion that they have gone to Southampton county, Va. they have some near relations belonging to the Mr. Ricks', in Southampton. I am confident that Moses enticed Nat and Harris off. Moses is about 27 years old, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high--Nat is 21 years old, and Harris 17 years old--all of them near one height and one weight, that is, about 140 or 150. They are brothers, and of a bright complexion for negroes--no mark that I can recollect. ISAAC RICKS. Halifax county, Jan. 27, 1827.

Locations of interest

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Date(s) of departure
County(s) of residence
Halifax County
Presumed destination(s)
Southampton County (Va.)

Publication information

5 people are documented within NC.HAL.54.18270203.3.1
Name Role in document
Isaac Ricks Placing Ad
Moses Slave
Nat Slave
Harris Slave
Isaac Ricks Slaveholder