Fifty dollars reward

FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. RAN AWAY FROM the Subscriber living in Morganton, on the Night of the 25th inst a Negro Fellow named JIM, about 35 Years of Age, 5 feet 7 or 8 Inches high; of an open, agreeable Countenance, has a Scar on his Forehead, supposed to have been occasioned by a Scald; his Feet are remarkably broad; the great Toe of the right Foot turns in very much; he had on and took with him, the following Cloathing; one brown Broad Cloth Coat; one greendo[sic], one white Flannel do, one Pair striped Cotton Pantaloons, one Pair black Cassimere do, one Pair mixed Cotton do. He is an artful Fellow, and no Doubt will endeavour to pass himself for a free Man. Any Person delivering the Negro to me, or securing him in any Goal, so that I may get him again, shall be entitled to the above Reward. DAVID TATE. September 28, 1802.

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Morganton, NC
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Burke County
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3 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18021019.3.1037
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David Tate Placing Ad
Jim Slave
David Tate Slaveholder