Ran away

RAN AWAY On the Night of the 3d Instant, TWO likely Negros[sic]; the one a Fellow of a black Complection, about five Feet eight or nine Inches high, strong built, 23 or 24 Years Old: The other, a Woman of a yellow Complection, and pleasant Countenance, about the same Age. It is probable the above Negros[sic] will endeavour to get to the Neighbourhood of Mufreesborough, having been purchased from there last October. A Reward of Twenty Dollars will be given on apprehending said Negros[sic], and confining them in some Jail in the State, or if delivered to me in the Neighbourhood of Hillsboro', the above Reward, and all reasonable Expences paid. ARCH.[Archibald] CAMPBELL. March 6, 1800. The Names Lydia and Jeffree.

Locations of interest

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Date(s) of departure
Hillsborough, NC
County(s) of residence
Orange County
Presumed destination(s)
Murfreesboro (N.C.)

Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18000325.4.106
Name Role in document
Archibald Campbell Placing Ad
Jeffree Slave
Lydia Slave
Arch.[Archibald] Campbell Slaveholder