Forty-Five dollars reward

Forty-five Dollars Reward. RUN AWAY, some Days ago, from the Subscribers, living in Person County, TWO NEGRO MEN, one named Sion, the other Abraham. Sion is a yellow Fellow, about five Feet ten Inches high, has both his ears cropped, and has a smiling Countenance. Abraham is a small balck fellow, about four Feet seven or eight Inches high : he has uncommonly small Eyes, and is not very sensible. These Negroes took with them a bright bay Horse, nearly five Feet high, five Years old this Spring; has a small Blate in his Face, neither docked nor branded, one or both of his hind Feet white. Sion having been raised in Nash County, it is supposed they would make for that County. Any person apprehending either of the said Negroes, and restores him to his Owner, will receive Twenty Dollars Reward ; or Forty-five Dollars for both the Negroes and the Horses. WM.[William] MITCHELL. WILSON JONES. March 25, 1801.

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Nash County (N.C.)

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6 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18010331.1.1073
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William Mitchell Placing Ad
Wilson Jones Placing Ad
Abraham Slave
Sion Slave
William Mitchell Slaveholder
Wilson Jones Slaveholder