Forty dollars reward

Forty Dollars Reward. EARLY in July I advertised a negro woman for sale--upon hearing that she was to be sold, she immdiately eloped, or was seduced away by some white person; the latter is not improbable, as there are some circumstances to induce such a belief; and if such is the fact, it is probable that she has been carried some distance and sold; but if she went off voluntarily it is likely that she has either endeavored to make her way to Martin county, where, I am informed, she was formerly owned by a Mr. Ross, or to neighborhood of Edenton, where I understood she has some children living. From the heavy baggage which she carried away, I am induced to believe that she had the aid of some person, probably some negro fellow. Her true name is CHLOE, she has the apperance of being about forty-five years of age, is very black, of a squat shape, with large white eyes, thick lips, wide mouth and very few teeth in her head; she has the marks of much whipping on her back. Any person who deliver said negro to me, in the city of Raleigh, free from any further charge, shall receive the above reward; or for any useful information, whereby I may regain the possession of her, I will reward the person affording such information according to the circumstances. H. POTTER. Raleigh, Sept.[September] 2, 1803.

Locations of interest

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Date(s) of departure
Raleigh, NC
County(s) of residence
Wake County
Presumed destination(s)
Martin County (N.C.)
Edenton (N.C.)

Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.WAK.99.18030905.3.1090
Name Role in document
Mr. Ross Former slaveholder
H. Potter Placing Ad
Chloe Slave
H. Potter Slaveholder