Forty dollars reward

FORTY DOLLARS REWARD. RUN away about four weeks ago, from the subscriber's quarter on Roanoke, three Negro Men, viz. Augustine, Little Tom and Duke. The two first are brothers, likely young fellows, rather spare made. Tom has a scar on his face, made by a stroke of a whip since he went off. Duke is branded on each cheek with a small letter I. I have reason to believe they were carried off and sold, and that they are furnished with free passes to make their escape as soon as sold. I will give the above reward for the delivery of each, and pay all reasonable expences.--I will also give Two Hundred Dollars for securing and convicting the thief. JOHN SOMMERVILLE. North Carolina, Granville county, July 25.

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Granville County
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5 people are documented within NC.WAK.99.17990910.4.1096
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John Sommverville Placing Ad
Little Tom Slave
Augustine Slave
Duke Slave
John Sommerville Slaveholder