Ten pounds reward

Ten Pounds Reward. RUN-AWAY on the 3d inst. a Negro Fellow, named NED ; he is of a middle size, about 35 years of age, and when standing his knees bend remarkable far back ; he is a rough shoemaker, and carried off a parcell[sic] of old shoemaker's tools : He was formerly the property of Col. Palmer, dec. of Bath, and it is likely that he may make that way, having a brother at the Widow Salter's, near the Red Banks on Tar-River, who, it is thought harboured him when he run-away before. Any person delivering the said negro to me shall receive the above reward. Halifax county, Sept. 20. GIDEON ALSTON.

Locations of interest

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Date(s) of departure
County(s) of residence
Halifax County
Presumed destination(s)
Bath (N.C.)

Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.HAL.96.17930925.3.1260
Name Role in document
Col. Palmer Former slaveholder
Gideon Alston Placing Ad
Ned Slave
Gideon Alston Slaveholder