Thirty dollars reward

Thirty Dollars Reward. RANAWAY from the Subscriber, on Sunday night, the 12th of March last, a negro woman, named POLLY, about 28 years old, nearly five feet high, yellow complexion, spare made, has a mild look and genteel appearance, (for a negro,) when well dressed; she is an expert hand at roguery, and is well calculated to deceive unless tightly and closely examined. She was seduced away by a black free negro, Carter Newsom by name, a shoemaker by trade, who is about 30 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, thick set, has a pleasant countenance and very white teeth, which he shews[sic] very much when speaking or laughing; he is strongly suspected of being a runaway slave. In my former advertisement, I stated that from threats which the wench made prior to her elopement, they would, by changing their names, and getting forged free papers, endeavor to make their escape to some free state; since that time, they have been lurking about Halifax town, in the vicinity of which, they probably are at this time. All persons are forwarned[sic] from harboring or carrying off said negro under the penalty of the law. The above reward, with all reasonable charges, will be paid for securing said woman in any jail, so that I get her again, or for her delivery to me. Lunsford W. Scott. Halifax co. N.C. August 15, 1826. 1-tf

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