Ten dollars reward

TEN DOLLARS REWARD. RAN AWAY, From the Subscriber, on the Night of the 25th Instant, A DARK MULATTO MAN SLAVE, known by the Name of HARRY. He may call himself Henry Hudson, or change it otherwise, as he is an artful Fellow, and will endeavour to pass for a free Man; can read, and may procure a Pass, as he has done before, His Cloathing[sic] is uncertain, went off in long Cloaths[sic], the under Coat of reddish brown, the over one of light-coloured Coating. Aged thirty-seven Years, a little grey about the Temples, his Hair, when grown, very bushy, between Wool and Hair; Thin Visage, soft, smiling Speech, and rather under middle Size. Very handy in all Kinds of Plantation-Business, as well as a coarse Shoe-maker and rough Carpenter. Has lived in Maryland and Virginia, and may endeavour to get into Pennsylvania. Whoever secures said Fellow, in Gaol or otherwise, so that I may have him safely delivered, shall receive Five Dollars, if taken in this County; if out, the above Reward, with all reasonable Charges if brought Home to me, living near Hillsborough. JOSEPH SHAW. North Carolina, Orange County, May 26, 1800.

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