Ten dollars reward

Ten Dollars Reward. RUN away from the Subscriber at Col. J. Hawkins' on the 22d inst. a Negro Man by the Name of Frank, about thirty-six Years of Age; about five Feet ten Inches high. He has a Scar on his Fore head and Neck; rather light complexion, large, well made, and is an artful Fellow; he is a Cooper, Sawyer, and coarse Shoemaker. Had with him a blue homespun Knapsack, an old drab-coloured Great Coat with sundry other Cloaths that I no not remember. He has waited on the Subscriber for Several Years past; but last Year he was hired to Richard Bullock, of Warren County, where he had a Wife, and it is probable he may be in that Neighbourhood. He was raised in Dinwiddie County, Virg. near the Court-house, where he had a Wife belonging to George N. Skipwith. Lately the said Skipwith moved his Wife to Cumberland County, Virg. to which place, it is probable this Negro is gone. All Persons are forewarned from harbouring or carrying the said Negro out of the State. Any Person that will deliver, to William Ransom, Franklin County, or secure him in any Goal, so that he may be had again, shall receive the above Reward, and all reasonable Expences paid by the said W. Ransom. JESSE LEE.

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Date(s) of departure
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Franklin County
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Cumberland County (N.C.)

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Jesse Lee Placing Ad
Frank Slave
Jesse Lee Slaveholder