One hundred dollars reward

One Hundred Dollars Reward. RAN AWAY from me at Trenton in Jones County, 4th January, 1801, a Negro Fellow named PRINCE aged 28 years; he is upwards of five feet high, dark complexion, tolerably well set, has a large Lump on the pit of his stomach, and a black place on the Crown of his Head; has a stoppage in his speech, which was broken English, and wore his Hair queued. I expect he will attempt to pass for a freeman. I have been informed that he has some Family Connextions among the Negroes of General Benjamin Smith, of Brunswick county, and perhaps is working about there. I will give the above Reward to any person who will lodge him in any Goal in the United States, or deliver him to me 15 miles above Kinston; in case of his being in Goal, I shall expect the Person who apprehends him, to give me Notice by Post, directed by Kinston. I will also give a Reward of Fifty Dollars to any one who will give Information of his being aided or assisted by any white Person, so that they may be prosecuted to Conviction. JOHN T. BRYAN. Lenoir County, July 13, 1803. The Printers at Wilmington and Charleston are requested to give the above a Place in their Papers for three Weeks, and send them to me at Kinston, together with their Bills, and they shall be paid.

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Date(s) of departure
Trenton, NC
County(s) of residence
Jones County
Presumed destination(s)
Brunswick County (N.C.)

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John T. Bryan Placing Ad
Prince Slave
John T. Bryan Slaveholder