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RAN away from Halcett B. Pride, in Halifax county, a mulatto fellow named FRANCIS, formerly the property of mr. Willie Jones, about five feet, ten or eleven inches high about twenty-eight or thirty years of age. He has a scar on one of his cheeks near the corner of his eye; thin jaw Roman nose, his hair combed back--chew great deal of tobacco. I expect he has got a pass in the name of some country magistrate, and will endeavour to pass for a free man, as he can read tolerably well and write his name. He was bred to waiting in the house. I suppose he is about Newbern, or some of the lower counties, and probably he will endeavour to get a cook' or some other birth, on board of a vessel. Whoever will deliver the said slave to his master, or secure him in any gaol, so that he may get him again, shall receive a very considerable reward besides what the law allows. ARCH.[ARCHIBALD] FELTS. I have been in pursuit of this fellow several days; but do not know what reward mr. Pride will give, because I did not expect to come to this town. Newbern, May 28.

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Date(s) of departure
County(s) of residence
Halifax County
Presumed destination(s)
New Bern (N.C.)

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3 people are documented within NC.CRA.94.17910604.1.1437
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Archibald Felts Placing Ad
Francis Slave
Halcett B. Pride Slaveholder