Run away

RUN AWAY, From the Subscriber, on the 27th of December last, A NEGRO MAN, named DICK, about 5 Feet 8 or 9 Inches high, about 30 Years old; has a Scar on one of his Cheeks, one of his Knees bends inward, and he walks lame. Both is little Toes are cut off about half way. The said Negro has been since seen in the Possession of Thomas Smith, going toward Peedee, and it is expected the said Smith will sell him either in the State of Georgia or Tennessee. If any Person will secure the said Negro in any Goal, so that the Subscriber may recover him, or bring him to him in Cumberland County, on Cape Fear River, about 5 Miles above Atkins's Ferry, he shall receive a Reward of Twenty five Dollars; and if both the Negro and the said Smith are secured, and Smith is convicted of taking him off, Fifty Dollars Reward will be paid. SAMUEL NORTHINGTON Jan. 13.

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Cumberland County
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3 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18030118.3.1622
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Samuel Northington Placing Ad
Dick Slave
Samuel Northington Slaveholder