Run away

RUN AWAY, FROM the Subscriber, on the 27th of March last, in Robeson County, Two NEGROES, a Man and a Woman. The Fellow is betwixt 25 and 30 Years of Age, named Cato, and a handsome Negro, the inside of one of his Ancles[sic] has been cut with an axe, which occasions him to walk a little lamely. The Woman is betwixt 35 and 40, named Venus, a low Wench and a Complete Cook. Whoever shall apprehend the said Negroes, and lodge them in any Goal, and give Notice to the Subscriber, shall be paid Ten Dollars Reward, or Five Dollars for either of them. ARCH. M'NEILL. April 15.

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Date(s) of departure
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Robeson County
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Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18030418.3.1623
Name Role in document
Archibald M'Neill Placing Ad
Cato Slave
Venus Slave
Archibald M'Neill Slaveholder