Runaway mulatto

RUNAWAY MULATTO. RUN away from the Subscriber, in August last, from Mrs. Webb's, in Franklin County, a BRIGHT MULATTO FELLOW, named SION, about 22 Years of Age, 5 Feet 9 or 10 Inches high ; is very lively and sensible, both his Ears are cut, and his fore Teeth stand widely apart. He has a white tall Woman with him, named Farliss Taylor, and he passes for a free Man. He had with him, a superfine Broad Cloth blue Coat and Breeches, and a snuff-coloured Suit, both very good. He was raised by Mr. Bryan in Nash County, and was lately purchased from Col. Wm[William] Arrington of that County. Any Person who shall apprehend the said Fellow, and deliver him to the Subscriber, or lodge him in Hillsborough or Halifax Goal[sic], shall receive Twenty-five Dollars Reward, and all reasonable Expences. And if the Man and Woman are taken and delivered together, Fifty Dollars Reward will be paid. It is supposed they will make for Tennessee. JOHN JONES. Nash County, Feb.[February] 18, 1802.

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Franklin County
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4 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18020223.3.1659
Name Role in document
Col. William Arrington Former slaveholder
John Jones Placing Ad
Sion Slave
John Jones Slaveholder