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RUNAWAY, from the Subscriber, on Friday Evening last, near Enfield Court House, a NEGRO MAN, named FRANK, pretty stout, one strait scar on his cheek passing from the under part of the ear towards the corner of the mouth, of a common dark color, something of a flat nose, a short, round chin, and a down look, about 26 or 27 years of age. Had on, brown year homespun pantaloons, stripped homespun waistcoat, and a white yarn roundabout. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS reward will be given for lodging said runaway in any gaol in this state or TWENTY DOLLARS if any gaol out of the state. WM.[WILLIAM] W. BELL. N.B. The foregoing slave was purchased of John Patterson, Esq.[Esquire] of Mathews county, Virginia.

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Date(s) of departure
Enfield, NC
County(s) of residence
Halifax County
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Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.WAK.99.18161025.3.1673
Name Role in document
John Patterson Former slaveholder
William W. Bell Placing Ad
Frank Slave
William W. Bell Slaveholder