Ten dollars reward

Ten Dollars Reward. RUNAWAY or STOLEN from Mr. Wm.[William] Dick's in the town of Fayetteville, on Sunday night the 1st instant, a MULATTO WOMAN by the name of ESTHER, with a black Boy Child about six months old. The Woman has on her right foot a scar across the instep; and on the left arm a few scars occasioned by a burn when she was a child. She is a very large woman about twenty years old; it is supposed she was enticed away by a Negro Fellow by the name of Peter, the property of a Mr. Baggs, of Fayetteville, who is a stout well made fellow of a black complexion; it also suspected that some white persons are concerned in the business. I therefore forwarn all persons from purchasing said Mulatto Woman and Child, as they are the property of the subscriber. The above Reward will be paid to any person that will deliver the said Mulatto Woman and Child to the subscriber to the city of Raleigh or Mr. William Dick of Fayetteville, or confine her in any jail so that he may get her again. And a further Reward of twenty pounds will be given to the person who shall bring to conviction any white person who may have been concerned in enticing away, or stealing said Mulatto Woman and Child. JAMES MEARS. Raleigh, 6th January, 1804.

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Raleigh, NC
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Wake County
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James Mears Placing Ad
Esther Slave
James Mears Slaveholder