$100 REWARD.

$100 REWARD. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD WILL BE paid for the apprehension and delivery of Elias, (formerly my slave) to the authorities of Edgecombe County, N. C. The said negro man is about eighteen years old, weighs about 165 or 170 pounds, about 5 feet eight or ten inches high, copper color, smooth face and a large nose. On the night of the 8th July inst., the said man waylaid and knocked down Mr. W. G. Billups, and robbed him of a double case silver watch, with the initials R. D. inside the case.The assassin then stole a black mare, bridle and saddle from me and made his escape. The mare's right eye is a glass eye, and blind, has a sore of long standing on the left shoulder. A liberal reward will be paid for the mare and saddle. Elias is supposed to be at New Berne, Wilmington, or Goldsboro. THOS. [Thomas] F. CHERRY, Battesboro', N. C. July 24, 1865. 82--1w

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Date(s) of departure
Battleboro, NC
County(s) of residence
Presumed destination(s)
New Bern (N.C.)
Wilmington (N.C.)
Goldsboro (N.C.)

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Thomas F. Cherry Placing Ad
Elias Slave
Thomas F. Cherry Slaveholder