25 dollars reward.

25 Dollars Reward. RAN AWAY, about the middle of August last, a Negro Fellow about 18 or 19 years old, by the Name of NED, inclinable to be knock-kneed, slender made, tolerably thick Lips; talks with much understanding and some Humour when in Conversation. I have Reasons to believe that the Negro has obtained a Pass from some trifling Person, in which he passes by the Name of John Hugh Caudge the Barber. He has been seen not long since in Johnston County, near Smithfield, where he has Connexions[sic]. The above Reward will be paid any Person who will deliver the said Negro Ned, or a liberal Reward to any Person securing him in any Goal, and giving information, so that I get him again. JAMES JONES. Franklin Co. N.C. Nov. 30, 1803.

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Date(s) of departure
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Franklin County
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Johnston County (N.C.)

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4 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18031205.3.439
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James Jones Placing Ad
Ned Slave
Slave alias
James Jones Slaveholder