20 dollars reward

20 Dollars Reward. RUNAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, ON THE FIRST DAY OF THIS MONTH. A NEGRO woman named PAT, she is about 32 years old, uncommonly large and masculine, is a very good weaver and fanner, uses a needle very well, and is left handed. She has a small scar on her breast, and a scar or hump somewhere on, or between her shoulders, and I think one or two of her fingers are crooked. She run away some years ago and attempted to pass as a free person, and it is probable that she may do the same again. I have [illegible] suspecting that she may have procured a pass, from a villain man, by the name of Tynes, who was the cause of her going off, and who as I have lately discovered, has had an intercourse and connexion with her for some time. I will give the above reward to any person who will deliver her to me, or so secure her that I may get her again. Lovatt Burges. Halifax, July 15th, 1805 38 4w

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Halifax, NC
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Halifax County
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3 people are documented within NC.HAL.96.18050715.3.484
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Lovatt Burges Placing Ad
Pat Slave
Lovatt Burges Slaveholder