Ran away

RAN AWAY. RAN away from the Subscriber in Orange County, North-Carolina, near the University, on the 31st Day of last March, two very likely young Negro Fellows not exceeding twenty-two Years old each, by name of Davy and Tom ; they both carried away with them a Home-Spun short Jacket and Overalls, filled in with Yellow Yarn. Tomhad[sic] a light grey coloured great Coat, & a blue Broad cloth under Jacket; their other clothing I cannot so well describe, but they were mostly Homespun Davy is a very black Fellow upwards of six Feet high, but rather spare made; he is a very good Sawyer and understands that business; he has a very white set of Fore Teeth, but has had several of his Jaw Teeth drawed. Tom is of a black complexion, but not so much as Davy: he is about five Feet 9 or 10 Inches high, he lisps when he talks, he walks with his Toes very much in; they both are very free spoken and humble, with as much reason and submissoion as the most of Negroes, they have both been whipped severely for stealing as their Backs will show. I have been under the apprehensions that they were about Tarborough in Edgecomb County, North Carolina, where I lately moved from, but am rather suspicious that they may undertake to get to Norfolk in Virginia, or about Southampton Court House, as they have Relations near there belonging to Mr. Henry Thomas, and Davy having had it in his power last Winter to be among them once, he perhaps may try to get to there again. Any Person that will apprehend and deliver said Negroes to me, shall be well rewarded for their trouble, or will confine them in any Jail so that I get them again. WYATT BALLARD.

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Date(s) of departure
County(s) of residence
Orange County
Presumed destination(s)
Tarboro (N.C.)
Norfolk (Va.)
Southampton Courthouse (Va.)

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4 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18040521.4.61
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Wyatt Ballard Placing Ad
Davy Slave
Tom Slave
Wyatt Ballard Slaveholder