Twenty-Five dollars reward

Twenty-Five Dollars Reward, RAN AWAY, About twenty Months ago, A NEGRO MAN, named TOM, very tall and black, about thirty-four Years old. The Negro is so well known in the Neighbourhood of Waynesborough, in the county of Wayne, where I presume he is harboured by white persons, that there needs no particular Description. Any Persons apprehending the said Negro, and causing him to be brought to the Subscriber, living in Pittsborough, Chatham County, shall be entitled to the above Reward. I entertain the Opinion, that if any Person knows where the said Negro is harboured, he will give me Information, as those who harbour run-away Negroes should be brought to suffer the Penalties of the Law. BARTHOLEMEW LIGHTFOOT. Feb. 5. If the Negro returns of his own Accord, and behaves well, he shall be clear of Punishment.

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Pittsboro, NC
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Bartholomew Lightfoot Placing Ad
Tom Slave
Bartholomew Lightfoot Slaveholder