A mulatto

A Mulatto. RAN AWAY from William Sims, in Wake County, on the 30th of October last, a Mulatto Fellow, named POMPEY, about 25 years Old, 6 feet High, rather slim made, though an able-bodied Fellow.? Had on when he went off, a mixt Coat, and Overalls of the same Kind.? Took with him an old faded black Coat and white Stockings, a Cotton and Linen Shirt. Whoever shall apprehend the said Fellow, andrestore[sic] him to the Subscriber, or lodge him in any Gaol, shall be handsomely rewarded. WILLIAM SIMS. December 16, 1803.

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Wake County
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3 people are documented within NC.WAK.124.18031219.3.750
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William Sims Placing Ad
Pompey Slave
William Sims Slaveholder