Eighty dollars reward

Eighty Dollars Reward. RUN-AWAY from the Subscriber, on the 6th instant, a mulatto man named EPHRAIM, about five feet ten inches high well proportioned; aged twenty nine years. His dress I am unacquainted with except a ruffle shirt; and big coat; carried off with him a set of Shoemaker's tools; he has a down cast countenance, when spoken to he is very apt to pick his nose; his hair is very kinky and carries his age remarkably well.--When he eloped he carried off a likely Sorrel Mare, near fifteen hands high, six years old, has had a sistuals [sic?]; branded on each side with a ring and with two R's on the rising side. On the right Arm has been snagged, the scar quite discoverable. I am adoubtful this fellow will attempt to pass with him. Whoever will deliver said fellow shall be entitled to a reward of Fifty Dollars, and for Negro and Mare, Eight Dollars. RICHARD TOMOSSON. May 28, 1804. The Printers of the state of Tennesse will be pleased to publish the above advertisement.

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Richard Tomosson Placing Ad
Ephraim Slave
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