Twenty dollars reward

Twenty Dollars Reward, RAN-AWAY from the subscriber on the 4th inst. a bright mulatto fellow by the name of Ben who was raised by Col Jas Wall of Greensville county, Virginia. He is about 29 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high. Had on and carried away with him the following clothes a blue broad cloth coat, a mixt homespun do a white Marseilles waistcoat, and a blue negro cotten jacket, a pair of buff cassimere and a pair of mixt homespun breeches, and an [illegible] strip great coat -- He plays the fiddle very well and formerly played for a black dancing manner by the name of Hardy Artise. His mother lives in Warren county. A reward of ten dollars will be given for securing him in any gaol so that he may be had or the above reward for his head, and no questions asked. Thomas Hudson. Halifax county, Feb. 6. 36 4

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Halifax County
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4 people are documented within NC.HAL.96.18050211.3.831
Name Role in document
Colonel James Wall Former slaveholder
Thomas Hudson Placing Ad
Ben Slave
Thomas Hudson Slaveholder