Twenty dollars reward

TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. RAN away from the Subscriber on the 31st of March last, a Mulatto Man by the Name of Ben, about twenty Years of Age, five Feet eight or ten Inches high: He is a very lively active Fellow, spare Made, and is mixed some with Indian Blood. I expect he will try to pass for a free Man. Had on when he went away a coarse Wool Hat, a Homespun Coat, Vest, and a Pair of Overalls, and took with him a short Coat, a Pair of Small-cloathes and a white Pair of Cotton Stockings. Also took a Pair of old Saddle-bags. He was raised in Granville County, North Carolina, near the Head of Nut-Bush Creek. He has a Wife in said County, and some Relations in Halifax; and it is likely he may aim to one of those Places. Whoever will apprehend said Mulatto, and deliver him to Lewis Reavis, Esq. of Granville County, or secure him in some Jail, and send me Word, so that I get him again, shall receive the above Reward, and all reasonable Charges paid. ARTHUR HARRIS, Jun. Near Montgomery Court-house. Montgomery County, April 24.

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Date(s) of departure
County(s) of residence
Montgomery County
Presumed destination(s)
Granville County (N.C.)
Halifax (N.C.)

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Arthur Harris, Junior Placing Ad
Ben Slave
Arthur Harris Junior Slaveholder