Twenty dollars reward

Twenty Dollars Reward. RAN AWAY FROM the Subscriber, on the 16th inst. a Mulatto Man named Alston, 27 Years of Age, about 5 Feet 10 Inches high, stoop shouldered, short black hair; and bow-legged. He has a large Scar on the top of the right Foot, occasioned by the Cut of an Axe. He is a Shoemaker by Trade, but can turn his Hand to any Kind of Business. He is a cunning, artful Fellow, and will now Doubt attempt to pass as a free Man; had on when he left me, a mixed Cloth Coat, and a light grey loose Coat, with a Variety of other Cloathing, and generally wears Shoe Boots. Any Person who will apprehend said Mulatto Man, and return him to me or secure him so that I get him again, shall receive the above Reward, together with all reasonable Charges. LEWIS CANNON. Pitt County, 22d Nov. 1802.

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Pitt County
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Lewis Cannon Placing Ad
Alston Slave
Lewis Cannon Slaveholder