Fifty dollars reward

Fifty Dollars Reward. RAN AWAY from the Subscriber, about the first of November, 1797, a MULATTO SLAVE, named JIM. When he went away, he was about 20 Years old, about 5 Feet 8 or 9 Inches high. He is rather a whitish coloured Mulatto, square made, wide across the Shoulders and Hips; his Face long, and his Nose rather flat, short Feet, and wide across the Toes. He is a cunning, artful Fellow, very talkative, and a quick Hand to knit, sein[skein?] or net. I suppose he has lately changed his Name, and is passing for a freeman. Any Person who will deliver the said Slave to the Subscriber living in Lenoir County, or at Raleigh, during the Sitting of the present Assembly, shall receive the above Reward. Nov.[November] 17, 1802, WM.[WILLIAM] GOODMAN.

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Lenoir County
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