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Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document Enslavement Status Enslaver?
Ben black male slave
Bob child in 1814 black male slave
Catherine C. Edwards white female petitioner
Caty black female slave
Charles William Edwards white male petitioner
Cuffy black male slave
Cuffy old person in 1823 black male slave
Daniel C. Edwards white male defendant
Dinah old person in 1823 black female slave
Dinah black female slave
Edward Edwards white male yes
Family of Edward Edwards white yes
Furgason child in 1814 black male slave
George W. Edwards white male defendant
Hester black female slave
James Fisher Edwards white male defendant
James Fisher white male yes
John Edwards white male defendant
Johnny black male slave
Juba black male slave
March black male slave
Marcus black male slave
Mary Edwards white female defendant
Mrs. Mary Edwards white yes
Munday black slave
Nancy black female slave
Peggy black female slave
Peter black male slave
Pheby black female slave
Pracilla child in 1814 black female slave
Quashaba black slave
Sarah black female slave
Sary black female slave
Scipio black male slave
Sinder black female slave
Tom black male slave
Watty black male slave