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Nineteen citizens of Delaware demand the abolition of slavery in their state as, they believe, "that freedom is the natural and inalienable right of man; and that, to deprive him of it, is highly unjust, immoral, anti-christian." They argue that Delaware would benefit economically and morally from abolition citing that the end of slavery in New York brought improvements of every kind and a permanent rise in the value of real property, while slavery in Virginia "has cast Virginia down from her proud pre-eminence -- Slaves have devoured her strength." They further believe that abolition would also end “that most detestable of all crimes, so common among us, the crime of man-stealing." The petitioners therefore "confidently, yet respectfully solicit you, as the guardians of the publick welfare, to designate a day, after which all coloured children born in our State shall be free."

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Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware