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Twenty-five "Africans or the descendants of Africans, Citizens of the state of Delaware," represent that they "have associated themselves for the diffusion of knowledge and suppression of vice under the Title and name of 'African Benevolent Association.'" They now "do make application to your Honorable body to grant them an Act of Incorporation to enable" them "to purchase, receive, take and hold any lands, tenements, rents, goods and chattels, which may be given, granted, devised or conveyed to them for the purpose aforesaid and to sell, rent and dispose of the same in such manner as to them shall seem most beneficial for the said society." Noting that the association's goal is to provide "mutual relief and improvement of each other," members of the African Benevolent Association "beg leave to bring in a Bill for the purpose aforesaid to lay before your Honors, and request you will take the premises into consideration."

Result: House: read, referred.

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