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Samuel Parker asks that a new Continental Certificate be issued to replace the one that was "stolen out of his house by a small negroe Boy of his." Parker recounts that his eight-year-old slave stole "Two Continental Certificates of the sum of Twenty Seven pounds Fifteen Shillings & Six pence Each" and concealed the same "where he thought they never would be found." He states however, that "a Negroe girl of his" found one of said certificates, "very much defaced," in the woods, whereupon "a Deligient serch [was] made for the other but it never Could be found." The petitioner prays that "your Honourable Body will Conceive these Surcomstances to be Sufficient Demonstration that the Said Certificate is destroyed and is not in the hands of Any person" and that "your Honours will Grant that a New Certificate be Issued in Lue and Stead of the Same."

Result: Senate, house: read, referred.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina