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Nathan Keas reports that in late 1788 and early 1789 "he was unfortunately robbed by one of his Domesticks, to Wit, a negro woman, of the Cash he had collected for the state to amount of Five hundred pounds and upwards of the present current money." He states that said the "most trusted" woman "took the money occasionally and as She could by Accident become possessed of the Keys of those Drawers in the Desk in which the Cash was kept." When the theft was finally discovered, the money had been "all Spent and Wasted" by her and some fellow slaves; the only things recovered were "a few articles of Clothing which had been purchased and made up by the Wench who committed the Deed." Keas, not being a wealthy man, proposes that he be permitted "to pay the Same into the Treasury in the present Currency of the State, adding to the Sum So to be paid in, the Depreciation or difference between the estimated value of the Cash Stolen and the present value of the paper money of this State." He prays for "this indulgence ... because he thinks it but Justice, and because ... the sum of Five hundred pounds [is] a great deal for a man of small fortune to loss."

Result: Senate, house: read, referred.

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