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Joseph White, administrator of Alexander Stafford, represents that by order of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Perquimans County, February Term 1802, "Negro Woman Amy and her three children, Ruth, Dolley, and Mourning" were sold by the sheriff "as having been emancipated contrary to the provision of the several acts of the legislature"; Alexander Stafford "became the purchaser" of said family for the sum of £333. White explains that a certain John Saunders claimed said slaves and contested the sale and that the Superior Court of Edenton District in 1803 "determined the negroes aforesaid were the property of the claimant John Saunders." The petitioner therefore prays that the state treasurer be authorized "to repay" to him, as administrator, the aforesaid purchase price, with interest, since "the estate of your Petitioner's Intestate has not only paid the sum aforesaid but has lost the negroes."

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