Petition #11281004


Bryan Lane charges that constable Nathan Holmes colluded with Benjamin Saules in the illegal purchase of two female slaves, seized "by virtue of an Execution which was in fact obtained ... to the amount of about Twenty Dollars against your memorialist." He further declares that "he had part of the money & beged [Holmes] to stay the Sale till your memorialist could to a neighbours house within a half mile where he had full assurance of geting the balance." Lane asserts, however, that Holmes, who "had an Interest in the Sale," refused and the slaves Comfort and Selah, "worth at least Five hundred Dollars," were knocked off “to a Certain Benjamin Saules ... at the reduced price of about Forty Shillings each." The petitioner therefore prays that a law be passed “fully & absolutely confirming the title of said negroes in him, or at least making void the said Sale.”

Result: Rejected.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina