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William Murchie asks that his privileges as a citizen be restored after having been convicted and imprisoned for "the harbouring of a slave" who allegedly had stolen certain goods. Murchie asserts that his only "error or fault" lay in not informing against his father-in-law, Charles Roach, with whom he lived and to whom he had been apprenticed. He further reveals that his wife was not a widow as she represented but instead "the first husband of his supposed wife was alive." Having "wholly separated himself from her and her connections," Murchie asserts that "he has demeaned himself in such a way as to secure ... the countenance of the respectable part of society" and that he has "married into a decent family." The petitioner therefore prays "of your honorable body to remove the legal stigma which may remain upon his name."

Result: Committee favorable.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina