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Fifty-seven citizens of Pasquotank County assert "in this county there is a large slave population, and the morals of our slaves are corruptible by means of the facilities they have in finding a ready market with Retailers and the ease they find in getting ardent spirits." They complain that the "planters are sufferers to a very great extent from thefts committed by the slaves, which thefts they believe in great degree are brought about by the fact that the slave finds a ready market for his stolen produce in the person of the owners or keepers of said retail shops." The petitioners "beg leave humbly and respectfully to suggest to your Honorable Body the propriety of enacting a law for the County of Pasquotank requiring the Tax to be levied upon all Retailing license granted within said county shall hereafter be the sum of Twenty five dollars."

Result: Rejected by committee.

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