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William Simmons seeks reimbursement for the materials he "furnished for the Execution of a Negro fellow named Davy found Guilty of & Sentenced to be burnt for Robbery & Murder." He also seeks payment for "attending the Execution of the negro Smart," wherein he was "armed to prevent a rescue." The receipts provided by Simmons show that he spent £7 6s. 10p for "Wood, tar, post & chains &cet:" for the execution of Davy and that he charged £3 the next day on 5 December 1800 to stand guard at the execution of Smart. Simmons did "Furnish the materials for the Execution of Davy above mentioned," one observer noted, and attended "armed under the apprehension of a rescue" the execution of Smart.

Result: Committee on accounts; allowed $36.42.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina