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William Johnson, of St. Helena Parish, attests that "a Negroe Fellow by the name of Abram belonging to your petitioner was by virtue of a Warrant" charged with "stealing Certain articles” from a shop on 27 July 1813. He argues that "upon testimony merely presumptive" the said Abram "was sentenced to receive 70 lashes, to remain one hour in the Stocks, 40 of which were inflicted on the 27th." Johnson recounts that Abram died "on the 28th during the infliction of the remaining 30 lashes." The petitioner "prays that compensation may be allowed for the death" of said slave as if "it was occasioned by the Execution of a Sentence under the Laws of the State."

Result: Referred to claims committee; rejected.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina