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Joseph Streable states that John Chavis, a free man of color, petitioned in 1823 to secure a pension for his service during the Revolutionary War; said petition was denied "in consequence of his not having appointed a Guardian (which law he was ignorant of) previously to such application." Streable, confident that the next session would grant said Chavis his pension, became "security for the aforesaid poor old veteran to save him from starving." He declares, however, that "in order to save the poor old man," he "has nearly become bankrupt himself." Reporting that Chavis "was killed by the fall of a tree," the petitioner prays your Honble body to remunerate him for his charity to one so deserving your support as the aforesaid John Chavis -- particularly when the sum requisite is so small as one hundred and ten Dollars."

Result: Rejected.

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