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Hardy Stuckey, the guardian and administrator of the late James Slanter, a free man of color, states that the said Slanter died possessed of "a small tract of land of about fifty acres and some personal property in value about three hundred dollars." Stuckey reveals that Slanter "wished your petitioner to take the little property he had, and to sell the same, and after indemnifying himself for his trouble and expenses to bestow the rest upon his children who were slaves and owned by Edmund Stuckey the father of your petitioner." The petitioner, having been advised that Slanter's estate "may be subject to and claimed as an Escheat," prays that "all claim to the Estate of the said James both real and personal may be remitted in favour of your petitioner, according to the wishes and for the purposes & intention expressed by the said James."

Result: Referred to judiciary committee.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina