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Mary Hunt Larkins, the widow of slaveholder Spencer T. Hunt, seeks to nullify a provision in his will giving "a large Portion of his Estate to the Counties of Humphrey and Dickson for Common School purposes." Larkins states that she married Hunt in 1820 and that "at the time of the marriage the said Hunt was in indigent circumstances." She asserts that "by the joint labour economy & industry of your petitioner & the said Hunt they soon accumulated a large portion of Real & personal property." The petitioner points out, however, that her late husband "Bequeathed nearly all of his property to your petitioner during her life or Widowhood and then to the counties of Humphreys & Dickson which Bequest your petitioner considers unjust." Larkins "therefore prays your Honorable Body to pass an act for her Special benefit in as much as the citizens of Humphreys and Dickson Counties are all willing to relinquish all claims that they may have to the property Bequeathed to the two counties by the last Will of her husband Spencer T Hunt."

Result: Referred to committee.

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