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Anne Bennet, a minor, asks that the petition for freedom of Will, a slave held by the late Ann Colvin, be rejected. She states that her grandmother made a codicil to her last will and testament whereby she ordained "the said Will, to be free, and not Subject to Slavery in Consideration of the long and faithful Service done to her, by him." Bennet believes "that the Codicil to her grandmothers will was made on account of the fear which she Entertained of receiving some Personal Injury from him, rather than on account of any gratitude for his past Services." The petitioner therefore prays "that this honourable house will reject a petition of the Said will for his freedom now lying before it" so as not "to bestow Liberty on an undeserving man and deprive her of the only Slave to whom She is Entitled."

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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia