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The "Vestry & Churchwardens of the Lower Parish of Nansemond County" represent that the late Richard Bennett bequeathed "Certain Lands, Negroes, &C in Trust ... for the purpose of raising the sum of Thirty pounds Virginia Money Annually for Ever, and paying the same into the Hands of the Vestry of the said Parish, for the express purpose of Cloathing such & so many poor people men & Women as the Vestry & Churchwardens of the said parish should Judge to be most needy of necessitous." They further report that the trustee, George Parker, sold said property for six hundred pounds but the conversion to paper currency reduced said sum to half of its value "to the manifest injury of the poor of the Parish." They therefore "in behalf of the said poor, do most graciously implore the Interposition of your Honble House."

Result: Rejected.

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