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Littleton P. Henderson represents that "the overseers of the Poor of the County of Accomack ... proceeded to sell at public auction many of the free negroes residing in the said county, the proceeds arising from which sale have been paid into the public Treasury to the Credit of the Literary Fund." Henderson further asserts that "amongst the number of free negros thus sold by the said overseers of the Poor, there was a certain Jim Outten who at the time of the sale was in the city of Baltimore, & who had never been in [their] custody." The petitioner, "conceiving the sale to be conducted according to law & knowing the character & worth of the said Jim Outten," admits that he "was induced to bid for him and actually bought him at the price of $50." Henderson reports that the said Jim Outten instituted a freedom suit and "at the last August term of the said Court he recovered a judgement against your petitioner and was restored to his former rights and privileges." Believing "that he has a just and equitable demand against the president & directors of the Literary Fund," the petitioner prays that he be refunded "the purchase money paid by him for the said Jim Outten & legal interest thereon (as he never derived any benefit from the services of the said negro)."

Result: Bill drawn.

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